Motor  Car   Insurance  –  this  undertakes  to indemnify  the  insured    against  loss, damage  or  liability  arising  from  an  accident  of the insured  vehicle.  The  following  provides  for the  comprehensive  coverage   under  the  motor car  policy:

  • Own damage  – accidental  damage  to insured  vehicle
  • Compulsory third  party liability/Excess  Bodily  Injury – bodily injury  (including  death) sustained  by third  person  as  a  result  of  accident  involving the insured  vehicle
  • Third Party  Property  Damage  – this  answers  any damage  caused  by the insured  vehicle  to a  third party property
  • Personal accident  insurance  to  cover  death  or  bodily injury  of  driver  and  passengers


Coverage may also be extended to  secure  protection  against  acts  of nature  which  includes  loss  or  damage due to earthquake, typhoon,  flood and  volcanic  eruption.