A. Comprehensive General  Liability  –    this  coverage  protects  the insured  against   legal liability  to third parties  in connection with the operation  of its  business, in respect  to death  or  bodily injury  and property damage.


B. Money, Securities and Payroll  –   this  protects   money, securities  and payroll  within  or  outside the premises  from  loss    as  a result  of robbery,  burglary . Coverage  may include  money  in transit.


C. Fidelity Guarantee – this  provides  indemnity  to  financial loss  sustained  by  the insured  due  to  dishonesty   or fraud    committed  by the  insured


D. Property Floater  –   this covers    moving  equipment    which include  construction  equipment,  cranes, hauler,  forklifts, etc.,  against  risk  of  loss  or damage  due  to  outside  causes    while  being used  within the  covered


E. Personal Accident – covers  death, dismemberment, loss  of  sight, limbs, loss  of income  and  medical expenses  caused  by   an accident.