BETHEL GENERAL INSURANCE AND SURETY CORPORATION has been considered as one of the major non-life insurers in the Philippines. Presently, it leads in suretyship business in line with the upliftment of Philippine economy through infrastructures development. It is now gearing toward digital insurance business transactions transformation to various non-life insurance products to cover motor vehicles, buildings, construction and other business activities.

Its main office is in the heart of Makati City, the country’s business district. Its business operations have been continuously expanding in the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with a total of 22 branches, 5 BDOs and 8 agencies. An aggressive action by the new sets of dynamic executive officers to accept the enormous challenge from a conservative four (4) branches in 2016.

Resultantly, the company’s strong financial position receives good performance rating from the globally recognized and dependable reinsurance companies.